Myca'a Nailo

Wood Elf Dragon-slayer Ranger Guide with a Katana


Race: Wood Elf
Class: Ranger
Background: Guide
Alignment: NG 

LVL: 5
AC: 14 (studded leather armor)
Max HP: 44

STR   14 (+2)
DEX   19 (+4)
CON   12 (+1)
INT   11 (+0)
WIS   16 (+3) 
CHA   14 (+2)

Speed: 35
Hit Dice: 5d10
Initiative: +4
Vision: low light (elvish)
Size: M
Languages: common, elvish

Weapons/Attack Spells
Katana              (+6) (1d10+4) F, 2H
Longbow             (+6) (1d8+4) R: 150/600, 2H (check bonuses b/c bow?)
Daggers             (+6) (1d4+4) F
Daggers (thrown)    (+4) (1d4+2) R: 30/120

Save DC (15)

Spells per day: [1st: 4] [2nd: 2] 
level 1: 
Animal Friendship
Create Water
Cure Wounds
Expeditious Retreat
Fog Cloud

level 2: 
Lesser Restoration
Pass without Trace
Spike Growth

lvl 5: Deadly Strike Maneuver, 1/turn: roll damage dice x2
lvl 5: Camouflage
lvl 4: Wary, adv. on wis. checks to avoid surprise
lvl 3: Weapon Mastery: when attack w/ a weapon deals damage, roll w/ one extra damage die & drop lowest (adv. on one die) 
lvl 1: Spellcasting (wis)
lvl 1: Atk. Bonus
lvl 1: Track (Bonus Feat) -- Spend 1 minute looking for sign of other creature's passage
lvl 1: Favored Enemy, Dragon Slayer! 
lvl 1: Seize Advantage: If a nearby creature misses with melee atk, can trade reaction for adv. v. that creature on next atk. (specialty)

Slayer of Colossus: If you damage a creature but do not kill it, deal 1d6 extra damage to that creature on next attack (if next atk before end of next turn) 
Deadly Strike: 1/turn, roll weapon's damage 2x

Skill Die: 1d6
Climb                (dex)
Lore (natural)       (int)
Spot                 (wis)
Listen               (wis)

- advantage to all intelligence checks on dragon lore (favored enemy)
- advantage on all wisdom checks to avoid surprise (wary, class feature)
- advantage on all wisdom checks to listen & spot (elvish senses)



Eyes: Gold
Hair: Lavender
Height: 5’3"
Weight: 113
Age: about the same as my weight

Myca’a’s a wood elf who left home to wander in search of dragons (favored enemy ranger thing). Mostly Myca’a acts as a guide for people to get money and keeps ears open for information. There was a dragon when I was younger that burned down half my town and so much of the forest… broke my heart and now all I dream about is searching them out and defeating them.
I have a katana that I picked up while wandering and a longbow that I brought with me from home. And being a little obsessive about things (see: dreams of defeating dragons) I learned how to use it very well.

I liked the katana b/c it’s full of grace just like me. Maybe I’m kind of odd. Just as comfortable with animals as humans (I mean, they’re not that different right?). Anyway, graceful and deadly. Both me and my sword.

Myca’a sometimes talks in the third person when I’m feeling out of sorts and writing things, I think? Whaaat. Common is weird like that.

Myca'a Nailo

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